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We have two cats, rescued as kittens from Manchester in 2013: Copa is tortoiseshell and white while Connie is a tabby with orange streaks. Connie lost her leg in a car accident, has her own book (Connie the Robo-Cat) and sometimes makes guest appearances when her book is being read. 

Ouessant Mini Sheep

These rare breed of heritage sheep originally from the island of Ouessant in Brittany are renowned for their character, hardiness and their status as the smallest naturally occurring breed of sheep in the world. We have 3: Sherlock (black), Snoozie (brown) and her son Shakespeare (brown and born here in 2019).  They live up to their reputation of being great characters and are very popular.


We have two dogs: Dougal (born 2018) who is a ‘beardoodle’ (bearded collie x standard poodle) and Dulcie (born 2029) who is a bearded/border collie cross. Both love chasing balls, rabbits and ducks (if they flap their wings!) Dougal has a wonderful calm nature and his own video story book (Dougal’s Dilemma: Who am I?). Dulcie is highly active and very bright (she also stars in a Video Book) . Both dogs are good at outreach work with children.


We have 2 rabbits at Hart Farm who all live in the large rabbits’ retreat house during the night but have a run on the grass on summer days. Robi is an elderly white semi-lop rabbit with pink eyes (he stars in one story book) and Ruddles is a grey and white girl; both make visits to schools and care homes.                         


We have 8 Indian Runner Ducks  Delia, Daisy, Dora and Donna (born in 2012): Daley, Desi and Daffy some of own ducklings and Digby (drake) who joined us in 2015 to improve our gene pool. We have a number of Call Ducks, a bantam breed of domesticated duck with a distinctive call which was originally used to lure other ducks towards the hunters’ gun.


We have 5 pygmy goats: Gulliver (2012, white and black) the leader; Gemma (2013),  a black half Alpine girl;  Gideon (2014, predominately white) with his own story book; Greta and Gladys (twins who were hand-reared here at Hart Farm) and each had twins in 2020. We have two angora goats, Annie and Alice (2015) who produce mohair, have kidded regularly and produced some lovely pygora goats (X between angora and  pygora). They star in a story book. Peggy Lou (2018) and Parker (2019) are our pygoras who produce an amazing fleece, a little like cashmere to touch.



We have 5 hens:  Fran a Polish Frizzle hen (2012),  a Hamburg hen (Hectic Hannah) who led us a merry dance around the village due to her speed or foot and flight before she had her wing trimmed,  Huffy Hen who loves to be cuddled, Hyper and Hacka (all born in 2020) plus another Polish Frizzle cockerel (Funky the Frizzle).


We have four male Huacayas: Alfonso (2010, brown), Alberto (2010, white), Almigo (2011, white) and Alfi (2013, black).  Alpasta (2013), the only Suri, has with long white dreadlocks and amazing eyes. He has his own story book (Alpasta the Alpaca with Toothache). They double up as camels at Christmas. Alpacas were not bred as beasts of burden but for their special soft and luxurious fibres which are used to make all sorts of bedding and clothing including, sweaters, socks, coats, hats, scarves  and ponchos.


Mediterrean Mini Donkeys.

Miniature Mediterranean donkeys are a unique and separate breed of donkey originating from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily where they were used to turn grinding stones for grain inside the peasants’ houses. They are generally between 30-34” to the shoulder. We have three: Murphy (2011, a white gelding from Devon who has his own story book (Murphy the Donkey that couldn’t Eeyore). Mabel and Moses (both brown) who were born here at Hart Farm in 2016.  All play a part on our outreach work and are particularly busy at Christmas.