Domestic Animals

There are currently two dogs at the HART farm. Webster (born 2003) is a shaggy black and tan dog who thinks he most closely resembles a working bearded collie. Although he barks to protect everyone, he is actually very soft and loves nothing more than to have his tummy tickled.  His friend, Major, thinks he’s a flat-eared German Shepherd. He loves to chase balls but is reluctant to give it back!

There are now two young cats, rescued from Manchester in 2013: Copa is tortoiseshell and white while Connie is a tabby with orange streaks. They adore the dogs (Copa is in love with Major) and are good hunters bringing in several voles a day!


We have 3 rabbits at Hart Farm who all live in the large rabbits’ retreat house during the night but run freely within the confines of a small copse during the daylight hours.


At Hart Farm we currently have 6 runner ducks  Delia, Daisy, Dora and Donna (born in 2012): Daley one of our own ducklings hatched in 2014 and Digby (drake) who joined us in 2015 to improve our gene pool.

Call Duck are a bantam breed of domesticated duck with a distinctive call which was originally used to lure other ducks towards the hunters’ gun. We currently have 4 call ducks and one mallard


At the HART farm, we currently have 5 pygmy goats: Gulliver (white and black) the leader born in 2012; two black half Alpine girls: Gemma and Gertrude born in 2013 and young Gideon (predominately white) born  in 2014. We also have two angora goats, Annie and Alice, both born in April 2015. They were bottle fed them initially which means they are very tame and already make a great contribution to our work. Gemma gave birth to two beautiful kids in July 2016. She was a brilliant mother and we were sad but equally proud to take the new kid goats to a wonderful new home with 5 donkeys in October. They will continue to do some charitable work with children.


At the HART farm, we have two Polish frizzle hens (feathers curling outwards rather than lying flat): sisters Fizz (white) and Fran (black and white like lace), born in 2012, who are full of character and happy to be picked up and stroked. A Pekin (Polly, born in 2013); a small bantam of Chinese origin with feathered feet and legs who lays tiny eggs.  3  Indian Game hens: Isadora (white) and the cockerel, Indiana, who wakes everyone up every morning. 1 Hamburg hen (hectic Hannah) who led us a merry dance around the village due to her speed or foot and flight before she had her wing trimmed. Poppy (black) who is a mix of Indian game and pecan.


We now have four male Huacayas and one Suri: Alfonso (brown) and Alberto (white) both born in 2010, Almigo (also white) was born in 2011 and the two youngsters (born in 2013): Alfredo (known as Alfi who is black) and Alpasta, the only Suri with long white dreadlocks and amazing eyes. Alpacas were not bred as beasts of burden but for their special soft and luxurious fibres which are used to make all sorts of bedding and clothing including, sweaters, socks, coats, hats, scarves  and ponchos.

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Mediterrean Mini Donkeys.

Miniature Mediterranean donkeys are a unique and separate breed of donkey originating from the islands of Sardinia and Sicily where they were used to turn grinding stones for grain inside the peasants’ houses. They are generally between 30-34” to the shoulder. Here at the HART farm we have three, all born in 2011: Murphy is a white gelding from Devon, Martha (chocolate brown) and Milly (grey with a brown cross across her back) are step sisters from Henley-in-Arden. Our latest addition is Monty born in 2015 and arrived at Hart Farm in 2016.